HTML Module No Longer Available

posted this on Jan 21 10:46

Webs HTML Module No Longer Available

Webs users with free accounts may have recently noticed that the HTML module option has been removed. Free users will keep content they have already built with the HTML module, but will not be able to create new content going forward. Premium users will still have full access to this feature.


Why did the HTML module go away?

We have found in recent months that the HTML module was quite often being taken advantage of for fraudulent activity. While there are certainly legitimate Webs users who employ the HTML module, the incidence of spamming and scamming is too high to ignore among free accounts. As part of Webs’ continuing commitment to hosting safe and high-quality websites, we have found that the best solution is to eliminate the module on free accounts.


How can I get the HTML module back?

Because the frequency of fraudulent activity is minimal by comparison for paid accounts, Premium users will still have access to this feature. If you currently have any of our three Premium packages, your ability to use the module will not be affected. If you are a free user who would like to regain access, we would encourage you to upgrade to whichever Premium package best fits your needs and budget. In addition to allowing you to access the HTML module, you’ll find that Premium also comes with benefits like more storage, premium themes, and upgraded support options. Click here to upgrade your account to Premium.


What does “fraudulent activity” include?

If you are curious about the kind of activities that are prohibited for Webs accounts, take a look at our Terms of Service.


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Piero M

I'm gonna remove my website just for this, good luck, have fun.

September 14, 2014 05:18
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Praveen Varma

This is Really Dissappointing.. I have used the HTML module for  VERY IMPORTANT feature of Online Chat... and Lo! Thats been Removed.. Even the Online chat is no longer working on the website. I have Hence decided to Delete my Website itself.  I would love to have this feature included(online chat) - atleast as a Built in feature with webs.. if not for the HTML Script. Please let me know if this can be done.. Or else i would have to look out elsewhere...

September 05, 2014 03:53
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Sweetbreeze WinxBiz

@ Eric My site ( was frozen for some reason, and I've contacted (sending + replying) Webs, waited for more than 24 hours, and it's STILL frozen. Not good enough, Webs. I need an explanation to why my website AND account was frozen. AND STOP TREATING OUR COMMENTS LIKE DECORATION. 


September 01, 2014 04:38
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Sweetbreeze WinxBiz

Piece of sugar honey ice tea...

August 29, 2014 23:49
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Sweetbreeze WinxBiz

See what I mean? You are ignoring us! Maybe I should just forget about being patient with I go find another host! Is this seriously how you treat your supporters? If yes, then you've got a problem. A BIG one.

August 29, 2014 23:43
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Sweetbreeze WinxBiz

Webs, are you ignoring us? Because if you really care, HTML Modules would have been brought back by now. This new rule was made in January, and since then, people have all been fighting against this new rule. It's August now. In my last comment, I said to take all our thoughts to consideration, not just approve our comments then ignore them. Are our comments just decoration to you? I agree with Corinne:

Don't lump all of us into a single category. You're basically trying to accuse us of something without sufficient evidence. Haven't you ever heard of "innocent until proven guilty?" You haven't proven me guilty of abusing the Terms of Service yet, so you have no right to lump me and my fellow users into a category of "these people might cause trouble in the future."

Just deal with those who take advantage of the HTML Modules in particular. Don't punish us all as a whole. If you don't trust your free customers, then why decide to have them in the first place? Did you know how much this choice you made upset your customers? Now, I think people were right when they said you were only ripping off money from your customers. I try to stop myself from believing this, but it's sinking too far in my mind, sorry. I'm still going to use this service, HTML Modules, seriously? Why don't you just get rid of the feature for specific people, or delete their site or something? Only a certain group of people used the HTML for the wrong things, so why cram all of us innocent free users in that trouble-making category? It's not fair! We didn't do anything of the sort! Yet you decided we will in the future. Honestly? Like I said, if you don't trust your customers, then why decide to have them in the first place? You have to trust us! You can't just see a certain group of people do the wrong thing, then think we'll all do it too. That's just stereotypical! You have not proven me, Corinne,  Daniel Corcoran, Littlethunder, Dave Leiber, or any other people here, guilty of going against the ToS. So why ruin it all for us? Let me tell you this, I'm NOT going to upgrade to premium, NOR recommend it to anyone. Guess what? You think people are going to be patient and get used to this new rule? No! They are leaving one by one, maybe even 10 by 10, or 100s by 100s. And pretty soon, it's going to be my turn to say goodbye. But I'm not yet, lucky duckies. I'm staying for as long as I can, but people won't be as patient as I will, trying to get used to this rule that people think is so silly. They're going to all leave, and pretty soon, you'll have the least supporters compared to Wix, Weebly, Wordpress, Tripod, Tumblr, Blogger, Yola, Squarespace, 1&1, Jimdo, etc. Snap out of it and STOP ruining things for your supporters. What are we? Sheep that follow each other and agree with everything? No. We are people, all different, with different thoughts, and DEFINITELY do not like this new rule. PAY ATTENTION to us. We're not here to comment to waste our time and breath, nor to get our comment treated as decoration (even decorations are treated better than our comments!!!!)! Stop dily-dalying around and get our HTML Modules back already! I thought all it took was a little clicking around! If you worry so much about HTML Modules being used incorrectly, why not unlock it for us, suspend certain people's accounts or something, delete their websites, ban them from using HTML temporarily, etc. There are so much better solutions to this than to lock it for all free users! Or is "spamming" really the problem? Is this just an excuse for locking it so you can get more money? If so, unacceptable, guys. I thought you would have made much better decisions than that! I'm still staying, though, remember? But still very disappointed about this. Stop ignoring us and unlock the feature already.


August 20, 2014 03:45
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Sweetbreeze WinxBiz gotta PLEASE fix this before more haters strike. You want more supporters, right? Please bring HTML modules back. This is turning into a campaign, and I know you don't want that to happen. I'm trying to keep as positive as I can, and supporting Webs as much as I can.  You have many supporters, and by doing this,  they think you're ruining everything for them. I don't like seeing my supporters stop supporting me just because I've taken away something they really love.  And I'd hate to see this happen to you. I can see it happen right before my eyes. I can see it just as well as you can. "BRING HTML MODULES BACK! RIP! is so much better! Not impressed!" You saw those! So bring this beloved feature back! Please take all our comments to consideration, not just approve them then ignore them. Please think about it.

August 18, 2014 05:27
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Sweetbreeze WinxBiz

Webs has been perfect so far, only I'm looking for a Member Chat feature. I'm sad that you decided to make this a Premium feature, as lots of people may have used this properly. I was thinking about embedding a Chat to my site, but it looks like HTML is only for Premium. And no, I can't upgrade because I don't have a credit card. I would recommend you create a new FREE Member Chat feature, or bring back the HTML feature for free users so I can embed a Chat.


August 18, 2014 05:07
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Webs 3.0 Support Center


HTML-only sites, those using our full HTML editor, are not going away. You can continue to use HTML-only mode on sites that you started in that editor. HTML modules, which are how HTML code is placed on Sitebuilder 3 sites, are now a premium feature to prevent abusive HTML code from being placed on free sites.

If your sites are frozen due to inactivity, you can click the link provided on the site for help. You'll receive an email that provides you with further instructions. Please read the email you receive and reply to it, per it's instructions, and our account support team will be happy to get your sites back up.

August 07, 2014 11:03
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You guys need to fix this. I've used the HTML web designer, accessible via for years, I mean sense I was a young-young teenager first learning web design. taught me so much, it's been my primary webhosting company for years, and now you guys are doing this to the people who made and what it is in modern day, today.. This is horrible, I mean please look around guys. MySpace did things like this, Google+(&Google) kinda screwed up YouTube as well, for it's user and social based parts. All these amazing sites, while not in reference to the HTML editor, they did changes likewise to this and had very bad results. No matter what they do, they will never resolve this, unless they convert back or atleast give the option to. But they try to incorporate new things, and it just will never be the same.


This is just really lame guys. I have multiple bands and musical projects, some of which were older, but even though the band was discontinued, we wanted to have somewhere for references of our work. So I spent weeks designing everything to our tastes, and got it perfect. Albums, songs, lyrics, band bio, pictures, contact info, just so much work, and this is one of my many sites I've had with you guys. Awhile ago, it seems you decided to "Freeze", aka discontinue, my website(S) due to me not having accessed them in a year or so. This was also, uncalled for. I mean, you could've actively reached out to me, but even then.. There was nothing stated about this when I had signed up for the free services with Freewebs/ It wasn't stated that our accounts will be frozen for inactivity. This is another thing lame I see going on, and have personally and unfortunately experienced due to's extremely poor customer/user and supporter services and care.


I hate to see this, and I don't see anything going on about it. So I guess I'll be the one, I'm sure there'll be more, but I'll have to go around the internet posting terrible reviews. I really hate to do it, it's a hit below the belt to, which again- I still actively support and love; But you did the same to me, you closed and completely discontinued your HTML editor, as well as multiple websites of mine.. That destroyed things I created, sentimental things, files I had uploaded to those accounts that I no longer have access to physically, nor digitally. It's a tradgedy to see you guys doing this to your user community who's supported you over the years. I understand what you are saying, but step up your game. Don't ruin it for your supporters, you can make money a millions ways, we want you guys to progress, but why would you want your progression to be negatively impacting the lives and work of your user-base that's supported you sense the beginning, or anytime for that matter.


Please, answer in reference to these questions we are asking you. Give us some reason, deeper, something that makes more sense. Tell us how you're planning to make recommendations for this, what is going to happen from here? I have ONE account that still is able to access and edit the old school way, via simple HTML code, I can click 'Edit' or w/e on the page, and copy/past/cut/delete my html code as I wish, the way I love and the easiest and most professional way to go about it. I love the idea of having a simple web designer, that's cool and that's fine. I'd likely never utilize it for any of my sites, ever. But, to rape us(and yes, that's what you did) of something we've used to publish our creations for our art, buisnesses, or whatever our website may've been about, was uncalled for and highly rude to do to the people who made this website what it is. I'll be letting everyone know, online and offline, about in modern day, and why NOT to go to them. If things change, and the HTML editor, AT THE LEAST, is brought back; Then I will discontinue to hit you guys below the belt, as you've clearly don't without any remorse whatsoever to your users and supporters. Thanks, and please-please, fix this.

August 06, 2014 23:18
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Dave Liebler

Here we are all with the same issue, such a tragedy about

With all the complaints one would do the following

  1.  Readdress the issue
  2. bring back the module
  3. Respond to this forum

Otherwise, i feel everyone is simply wasting his/her breath and time

I frankly hope that if people have a blog such as Wordpress one would post an entry of what has transpired.

Frankly I think the only way to get attention is if more people move to another to a new service like Tripod, Wix, Weebly or any countless hosts.

Simply put is slowly coming to an end unless they make things right.

July 30, 2014 04:42
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Bęñi Såss'inã-Jär Dmmd

I just went to go edit my old website when we were able to use HTML, and now I find out we can't. What the heck? This is dreadful! Like, oh my God. It's absolutely horrible, I just can't. I used Forums for like, feedback and stuff and would put the old Webs Shoutbox - which Jesus Christ, the new Shoutboxes are ugly too. Bring back the old ones! - on the page for people to roleplay on. I make websites for roleplay,  and now I can't edit HTML? Like, Christ almighty. Please stop. You guys are ruining webs. I said it before, and I'll say it again, I'm seriously considering leaving webs and hopefully finding a FREE website builder. Webs was cool back in 2009. Now it just sucks. The templates suck. The new edited add-ons suck, the fact that we can't use old ones such, everything SUCKS! I personally liked the 2009 version better...I'd at least appreciate for us to be able to use HTML.

July 29, 2014 18:24
User photo

I just found out about this recently. I can't believe you took away this necessary service from your free users. Needless to say that although yesterday, I might have been considering upgrading to premium so that I could get my own domain name, custom e-mail, etc., now I will unfortunately have to take down my websites and host them on a different server. Hopefully someday you guys see the error of your ways and give us back our HTML module. When that happens and you are willing to offer the same level of customer service to your free users as you are to your paying ones, perhaps then I will return and upgrade my site to a premium package, because as of right now, I am attending college full-time, and I have loans and tuition to pay, and since my website doesn't actually earn any money, as of right now, I will never again tell my friends to use to host their websites. I would have thought that that would be one move you guys would never make; why punish all of us for what some people have done? For those who have abused the Terms of Service, just remove their sites completely without delay, and for the rest of us, add an additional verification of some sort to create a site! Don't lump all of us into a single category. You're basically trying to accuse us of something without sufficient evidence. Haven't you ever heard of "innocent until proven guilty?" You haven't proven me guilty of abusing the Terms of Service yet, so you have no right to lump me and my fellow users into a category of "these people might cause trouble in the future."


July 29, 2014 02:14
User photo

It's unfair to screw everybody over because of this. Did you not think of all the people who spent hours developing their html and now won't be able to use it? And it's no good for it to still be there if it can't be edited and added to. And I don't believe for a minute that the almighty dollar didn't factor into this whatever you say about spam. I will never recommend webs to anyone, when you rob your users of all their own hard work. I spent too many hours to count researching html to build my site and now I won't be able to use it thanks to you and your inconstancy. This is inexcusable, because you haven't just taken back a free gift, you've allowed us to dedicate hours of our own lives to a fruitless effort. Webs can't be trusted. That much is clear.

July 25, 2014 05:15
User photo

RIP "Free"webs

I opened a new account on the support forums because I just felt the need to express my anger and disgust at the greedy decision made by webs to remove the Custom HTML feature from the sitebuilder. I have been using for the past 7 years because I wanted a host that offered reasonable prices, lots of features, and the option to freely modify any pages you wanted where it be HTML, CSS, java, etc. I also likes freewebs because they were a company that (seemingly) put their users first.

Yes they have made many mistakes in the past, but they always listened to their customers, received good feedback from the community and in the process they not only fixed the problem but they made their service better for everyone. That was the old, but now THIS - you guys have gone too far... is now a company that focuses solely on making money; they no longer care about people like me who use Webs for personal websites or organizations because they aren't the ones with the money. No, Webs is now all about business - Every single post on Facebook or Google+ or in the blog is about offering tips on "Improving your Small Business" or "Ways to Increase Site Traffic". Now there’s nothing wrong with this type of approach, but it doesn't apply to the majority of people on webs.

And by restricting access to something so fundamental to building a website, like HTML, you have not only angered many of your clients but have shown them that you'd rather focus on coming up with sinister ways to squeeze out more money from us instead of helping them to create a better experience on You guys just screwed yourselves over BIG TIME, and now everyone is leaving because of your greed - Way to go!

I am not deleting my websites right away because I'm still using them for forums, but in the meantime I will be actively searching for a more suitable web host - one that offers more for our money and actually cares about its customers. Goodbye Webs!

April 28, 2014 11:52
User photo

It should be clear by now that does not care about its users. If it had then the html modules would have returned by now.

Lets face the following ;  

#1   what we see here is a few complaints  of those who are brave enough o stand up for what is right and proper.

#2    With all the other customers that has they are silent out of fear of reprisal.

#3.    As a former Customer Service Rep  for a local newspaper I know that for a company to exist there MUST be positive customer service  Any company that wants to grow would not bite the hand that feeds them.

I have been on the World Wide Web over ten years. I have had accounts with such companies like, and several more. ALL of them allow their users to use HTML coding. Why? because they know that a Webmaster of any type of experience level will use it and create awesome websites.  What a shambles has become where  greed is more important than its costumers happiness.

I only hope that will restore the html module BEFORE it is to late.

April 24, 2014 10:58
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Gabe Michael Torson

Sorry, but until you bring this service back and E-Mail ALL free users that you have done so, TorsonCo will be actively searching for a better web hosting service. You have lost a business customer.  TorsonCo customers who currently use to host their websites (Even the premium accounts) will also be urged by the business to leave your service. We cannot operate with a website that does not champion the services we offer, and in taking away the HTML Modules, our web design service -- TorsonWeb -- cannot show our customers what we are capable of doing. So now for the first time, TorsonCo will be parting on not so good terms. GOOD BYE WEBS.COM!

April 24, 2014 00:05
User photo
Shyann TheFabulous Ross

WEBS. I have used webs since I was a little girl. Probably a good six, or seven years now. It was bad enough taking away everyone's Widgets when we were forced to upgrade to a ridiculous Site Builder 3, but now taking away the POSSIBILITY to include them?

I remember FREEWEBS being to original tune of this site. I'm glad you changed it, because now you've just begun to scam everyone out of their money. 

I think I will be resuming my work at Wix. Everyone should.


PLEASE visit and leave this POOR excuse for a website builder to it's own devices.

April 21, 2014 23:54
User photo
Arantxa Fernández

Very sad to see this... I'm happy with your services and features, even with your new sitebuilder, but like most of people have expressed here, I'd started my page in Webs because of the HTML. As a designer, I like to customize my web, no matter if it needs a bit of code; and then Webs was a very important place to do some test that I can't do in another sites without a domain (specially for testing and getting the web files ready). Now I can't use Webs for this purpose anymore, and it's a pity because I appreciate a lot your free services and attention on tech support.

I won't delete my websites because I'm still using them, but I'll need to find another place to improve my web-design stuff.

April 16, 2014 20:12
User photo
Keith Musicman McNaughton

In the beginning I was very impressed with the free version of the website builder, and the site was used regularly by my web radio listeners and friends.  As I needed to change the flash player settings to adapt to a new link, this was not possible. I also deleted some pages to renew them, only to be told that I have to change to premium.

I am in no way using my site (HTML MODULE) unlawfully! I will eventually delete Webs completely and go back to using my original site. As far as I'm concerned your actions are not due to possible crime, but just another way of making money with aggressive sales options.  I will also pass this on to my web radio friends throughout the world, and advise them to change as well!

Not impressed!


April 13, 2014 12:36
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John Zammit
March 29, 2014 06:20
User photo
Bambang Tedjo

So Sorry, this time I used a free website, with alternation edit website builder is no reduction to the facilities or applications (html), whether from your watchlist most premium member did not try it first from free or indeed direct marketing strategy so that people upgrade to a premium, sorry i was not supposed to be a free member convey this.
Thank you my old web site builder is still using the old, so still a lot of facilities free.


February 21, 2014 01:19
User photo
John Stgermain

thank you vary much im sorry for the little trouble as for that you got my respect your a good person thank you for letting us have are free websites lets hope it will be free other then the html thank you take care friend one day make the HTML FREE AGAIN!!!.

February 18, 2014 11:11
User photo
Kartikay Kaul

I agree both with Josh turner and Dave Liebler.

Really I have now looked upon another site called wix for website making but Wix has not got a better members loging feature.

What I only Liked Webs was because of the HTML feature module and now its become premium. My website had spent so many years. Now I would have to tell every user of my website to shift to another... shit!

Really Webs you are nothing without HTML module because all of my website is based on HTML and I sometimes use CSS and Javascript too.


February 18, 2014 03:51
User photo
Will Carpenter

This is NOT the best option! Please make custom html free again. Just have a captcha or phone verification! You're completely ignoring your users who simply do not have the income to pay for premium, and you're treading all over their dreams. My websites mean so much to me, and now I cannot finish them. I believe I'm speaking for a lot of people when I'm saying this.

February 09, 2014 08:12
User photo
Josh Turner

I have now moved my website and I would recommend, although there is a bit more advertising it's so much better!

January 31, 2014 12:50
User photo
PokePie Kip

MAKE HTML FREE AGAIN!!!. if webs is a good place to make a free website why remove html. All website is a html code so why remove it. Html is so good to use for webs make html free again or webs will lose many webs members. i think im gona go back to wix again 

January 31, 2014 07:36
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Dave Liebler

I have to agree with Josh Turner on this issue. IF you look at the backside of websites you'll see all kinds of coding, html,java,flash and so forth. Its the backbone of any website. Anyone willing to stick with templates needs their head examined.

Ive been around many years and only Webs wants to charge to use html. That is a ripoff to say the least. Why pay for something you can get for free?

I am already  in the process of moving not only my websites but domain names.

Good luck Webs.  RIP

January 31, 2014 06:24
User photo
Josh Turner

This is awful service. We are a group with no money to our name and now we are back to a normal rubbish website. Just because webs are asking us to pay. I would love to contact me about this...Oh we've got to pay for that too. Un-acceptable!!! I will be changing website builder within 24 hours!! Good luck to the rest suffering from these new ridiculous rule.

January 30, 2014 12:46
User photo

OMG so the few mess it up for everyone? Since using html for over ten years i find its the Only way to get the desired look and feel.

My only choice now is evident.

January 28, 2014 10:17
User photo
Daniel Corcoran

Why not just have a phone verification or request access? It would be more useful for developers like me :( this revision stinks! I believe I am speaking for a lot of people when I say this :


January 26, 2014 19:14